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Qadın is a large and əzəmətli qüvvə. Qadın cəmiyyətə fərd raises the humanity column. The source of a healthy and more beautiful future is actually a woman. Of course, the fun of women does not become a single child. In the development of the society and the society, the initiative of women is undeniable. Today, despite the world statistics, we can see that women work at very high positions. There are people who are ahead enough both in the private sector and in the country's structures. It is the applicator qüvvə of the qadin cəmiyyətin. Accordingly, every field needs a woman's mouth, a woman's eyes, a woman's toxin. Women are beings who watch the world with their own glasses.
It is the main purpose and goal of the "Global WoMen Magazine" journal to show the strength, diligence, leg, intelligence and hand of the Azerbaijani women. .Azerbaijan women are strong!It was a problem 1000 years ago, it is a problem now.We are fighting with our women!

Under the title of "Global WoMen  Magazine",  "Azerbaijan Women Platform" gathers influential business opportunities working on various platforms.
In this journal, you will get to know the memories that took part in the "Azerbaijan Women Platform" and contributed to the development of our country, with their works, good luck, and your eyes. Our main goal is to shed light on the path of you, our readers, and to support you to step up from the life and business principles of these experiences. We hope that it will motivate you and encourage you to take valuable steps to become bigger, influential, strong and successful business person. Never forget, for women, the history of the past and the future are important. But it is today's emotions that bring it to action. To realize your feelings, desires and dreams, start running quickly behind them. Go big, win good luck and share your good luck with everyone on the "Azerbaijan Women Platform" so that you will be a source of inspiration for other women. Remember, although the summit is difficult and tiring, the view you see from there is dəyər...

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Nurlan Piri

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